Time:20 minutes

Shrimps in 2 colors with vegetables


1 pound cooked shrimp
1 egg white
1 tbl cornstarch
8 ounces snow peas/green beans/broccoli (frozen)
1 tsp light brown sugar
1 tsp chopped fresh ginger
1 tsp chili bean sauce (optional)
1 finely chopped scallion
1 tbl light soy sauce
1 tbl Chinese rice wine
1 tbl tomato paste
frying oil


Shrimps in 2 colors with vegetables
Heat 2 tbls oil in a wok and stir-fry the vegetables for 1 minute. Add the sugar and stirr for 1 more minute. Remove and set aside.
Shrimps in 2 colors with vegetables
Heat in the same wok 1 tbl oil and add the ginger and the scallion. Add the shrimp and stir-fry 3 minutes.
Add the soy sauce and rice wine. Blend well. Transfer half the shrimp on the dish. Add the tomato paste in the wok and blend. Transfer the shrimp in the other half of the plate.

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