Time:180 minutes
Serves:20 – 25
Calories:3985 (without jam)

Cookies (mini-rolls) with jam, jelly or turkish delight


8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
8 oz unsalted butter
9 oz all-purpose flour
1 jar apricot preserve
powdered sugar mix with vanilla sugar


Mix the cream cheese with butter
All the ingredients have to be on room temperature. Put the butter in to a mixer bowl and stir one minute. Add cheese and stir until is well blend with butter.
One quarter of dough
Add all the flour and mix until a smooth dough is formed. Cover with plastic wrap and place it în the fridge for 2-3 hours.
Squares with jam
Divide the dough în four equal parts. Take one piece and roll it into a square 3 mm thick. Divide into squares, 8–10 cm on a side. Put jam into one corner of each square and roll them up. Put them on a greased baking sheet coated with flour.
Mini-rolls with jam
When are still hot coat them in powdered sugar mix with vanilla sugar, put them on a plate and let them cold.


You can use reduced fat cream cheese.

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